The bioenergetic path is totally dedicated to your emotions: a bioenergetic pool, the chilling embrace of water mists, a grotto of liberating screams and of healing laughter, mandalas and seven chakra huts for sophrological relaxation.


  • Zen
  • Rebalanced
  • At one and at peace with the world


  • Health and wellbeing lovers
  • Nature lovers
  • Fans of holistic disciplines

Bioenergetic pool

The pyramid is a figure of stability and balance and is a symbol of the Waterpark. It has been designed according to the rules of bioenergetics to capture vital energies and transmit them to those in its area, thus promoting the harmonisation of the body’s energy centres (chakras and meridians). The relaxation activity is enhanced by the large pool underneath, with water at varying depths.

Cooling sprays, retreats & mandalas

Grotto of liberating screams: In this cave, nervous tension can be released by shouting. The act of shouting helps to rebalance the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Refuge of healing laughter: Here there are many distorting mirrors for grimacing and laughing at oneself, in order to release the tensions linked to adrenalin and psychic blocks.

Chilly cuddles: A spray of cool mist over the whole body to refresh the skin after exposure to the sun. The veil of cool droplets pleasantly stimulates all receptors in the body, creating a feeling of great relaxation.

Celtic mandalas: Mandalas are drawings that symbolically represent the cosmos. In the Celtic tradition, they help to achieve a state of relaxation after a few minutes of contemplation.

Gym in the woods

  • roman bench – training station to work the upper body with functional exercises with body weight and for muscle strengthening;
  • mini gym with dynamic pulleys for full-body strength training, with pushing, pulling, lowering and core exercises; three load points allow you to target all key muscle groups from a single weight stack;
  • rowing machine for the most complete cardio training thanks to the synergistic work of the shoulders, arms, back, pectorals, abdominals, thighs and calves;
  • elliptical for cardiovascular training with full range of motion and smooth pedaling;
  • exercise bike with low frame that allows training even with a straight back.