An Agritourism Spa: in good health all year round.

The Agritourism thermal baths are open all year round and set in an extraordinary environmental setting.

The facilities are also used by the Italian National Health Service for treatments of rheumatic conditions.

An innovative structure of glass and wood, set amidst the greenery of nature, houses a sulphate-calcium thermal pool, part of which is accessible from outdoors, a 32°C and 35°C thermal pool, sauna, ice fountain, Turkish bath, and hydro-massage.


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The Agritourism Spa is open:

  • Monday to Friday - 9:30am to 7pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 9am to 8pm
  • Blue nights 7:30pm to 1am (every Saturday and pre-Public holidays)
  • All guests must be out of the water 30 minutes before closing.

Children under 3 years old are not allowed inside the Agritourism spa facilities.

Special reduced rates are available for children aged 3-12 years (ID may be required in case of children close to the age limit).

Please bring a swimming costume, swimming cap, towel/robe, flip-flops/slippers, a medium padlock (all of which are also available to purchase/hire from reception), and any health cards.

Calcium-sulfate thermal spring

The Farmhouse Spa is fed by water from the San Clemente spring, authorised by the Ministry of Health under no.3453 of 24-07-2002, no.3810 of 15/11/2007 and no.4015 of 22/07/2011.
Calcium-sulfate thermal water, with an excellent fixed residue.

It costs less for groups!

Special discounts for pre-booked groups. 3€ discount on the daily holiday rate, 2€ discount on all other rates. Minimum group size 15 people. Available upon reservation.

We also offer special packages for our Blue Nights and the possibility of exclusive-use spa quotations.

Don’t forget, there’s more than just the spa: find out why you should organise your event at the Village!

Towel dressing gown

€ 29,90

Microfibre dressing gown

€ 21,90


€ 12,90/19,90

Towel/Gown hire

€ 3/5

Men's swimming costume

from € 16,90

Men's boxers

from € 22,90

Women's swimming costume

from € 24,90


from € 19,90


€ 3/6,90

Street Art flipflops

€ 7

Mare slippers

€ 10

Surgical facemask

€ 1

Washable Villaggio facemask

€ 5

Small hat

€ 5

Beauty Case

€ 12

Beach bag

€ 10

Beach bag bamboo/black

€ 8/5


€ 4


€ 5

Single-use Spa kit

€ 9,90

Waterproof phonecase

€ 9,90

Kids dressing gown

€ 19,90


€ 3,90

Kids swim nappies

€ 13,90

Babies swim cap

€ 4,90

Baby flip flops

€ 9,90

  • Access. Access to the pools includes: indoor and outdoor thermal pool at 32°C, thermal pool at 35°C, jet spa, gym (except for evenings and excluding courses), sauna and Turkish bath. Before admission, a medical check-up is compulsory, free of charge and valid for 12 months. Changing rooms with lockers are available (padlocks can be purchased from reception). Swimming trunks, swimming cap, slippers and any health cards are compulsory. The entry fees do not vary, even in the case of temporarily unavailable services. The loungers are available for free until exhaustion and it's not possible to occupy them with clothes and bags (available cubes where you can put your things).
  • Children. Children under 3 years old are not allowed in the spa. The Sauna and Turkish bath is for 14+ years old only. The Management reserves the right to refuse or remove access to children who do not respect everyone's right to silence, privacy and tranquillity. A consent form is required for unaccompanied minors.
  • Subscriptions. Renewable on a 30-day monthly basis; non-transferable, usable on weekdays (except public holidays). After 8 days' absence (which is non-refundable), any remaining unused season ticket can be deferred (i.e. moved forward by applying within 3 months of the last access) or refunded for the remaining days (by application within 30 days of the last access). Exclusive benefits include: dedicated promotions; 50% discount on any access to the 5 Spas and gyms (excluding Notti Azzurre Speciali); 50% Happy Family discount and discounted hydrobike rate at Terme Felsinee; reduced access to Acquapark della Salute Più (excluding Sundays, public holidays and the week of the 15th August public holiday); access to promotions with partners (Bologna FC, Cineteca di Bologna, etc.); BIA test (free every year); free of charge every day of the week. ); BIA test (free every month, bioimpedance test for the analysis of body composition, fat and muscle mass, both overall and by individual body segment).
  • 5 x day passes. Valid every day, nominal, to be used within 3 months (non-refundable and non-exchangeable). Half-day passes can be used at either morning, afternoon or evening sessions (excluding Special Blue Nights).
  • Fitness and gym courses. In order to not lose a session, you must cancel at least the day before. 10-session packages must be used within 90 days, 20-session packages within 180 days. Refunds can be requested within 30 days of purchase.
  • Reductions: 3€ on public holidays, 2€ for all other types of access. Available for groups (min. 15 people), upon reservation. Reduced prices available for: Salute Più Acquapark season ticket holders; season ticket holders for the fitness gym or swimming pools (monthly/three-monthly/six-monthly/yearly) at San Petronio Thermal Baths, San Luca Thermal Baths, Felsinee Thermal Baths, Acquabios Thermal Baths; university students (university card valid from the 2015/2016 academic year); those who are 65 years old or older; residents of Monterenzio, Castel San Pietro and Casalfiumanese; 100% disabled people and accompanying person with specific documentation. For the combined ticket with access to the waterpark, the standard reduced price applies.
  • Conventions: Savings applied upon presentation of a valid document demonstrating the entitlement (except for packages). For members of the Health Plus network, the existing conditions still apply. Once an invoice has been issued, it is no longer possible to request conventions to be applied.
  • Treatments and packages: Reservations required (day or stay packages are for one-off use). Cancellations must be notified within 24 hours, otherwise they will be charged (or any gift vouchers will be forfeited). All sessions and packages are carried out under medical supervision and must be used within 90 days of purchase (180 days for packages of 10 passes). The content of the packages is recommended and can only be changed by the referring doctor in light of changes to individual health requirements.
  • Taxes: The duty of 2€ for amounts exceeding 77.47€ is automatically charged to the user and collected virtually as per: Aut. Art. 60-0160791 of 19.12.2012.

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    Access to the spa includes the indoor and outdoor thermal pool at 32°C, thermal pool at 35°C, jet spa showers, sauna, hammam, ice fountain, gym.


    Morning session from 9:30am to 1pm

    € 20

    Afternoon session from 2pm

    € 20

    Day session from 9.30 am

    € 30

    Children aged 3-12 years (N.B. children under 3 years old are not admitted)

    € 10

    Morning session from 9:30am to 1pm

    € 25

    Afternoon session from 2pm to 7:30pm

    € 30

    Evenings Blue Nights

    € 20/25

    Day session (morning + afternoon)

    € 50

    Children aged 3-12 years (N.B. children under 3 years old are not admitted)


    € 12

    High season: Easter holidays, italian bank/national holidays, Christmas days (from Vigil to Epiphany).

    1 month (weekdays Mon-Fri)

    € 94

    3 months (weekdays Mon-Fri)

    € 229

    5 x half day passes (weekdays)

    € 80

    Including free car parking under our solar panel sunshades.

    Special discounts available for those who stay at the Village either in a room, apartment or on the campsite. Complete list of discounts for overnight guests.