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Certified organic production

The organic farm of the Villaggio della Salute Più has an area of 542.30 hectares divided into:

  • 33.48 hectares of arable land in rotation;
  • 7900 m2 of allotments;
  • 1.37 hectares of chestnut groves;
  • 28.90 hectares in pasture and meadowland;
  • 85.03 hectares of coppice;
  • 265 hectares of arboreal and shrub pasture;
  • 37.33 hectares of arboreal pasture;
  • 12.10 hectares of springs and lakes;
  • 78.20 hectares of uncultivated land, tares and buildings.

The farm occupies an extensive part of the Sillaro valley and has been practising organic farming since 1998 and is controlled and certified by Bioagricert.

It operates according to specifications aimed at preserving and enhancing the environment and biodiversity with conservative cultivation and renaturalisation techniques, UNI-ISO 14001 certified by D:N.V. since 2001.

The last check to verify that the complementarity requirements between farm and agri-tourism were met, carried out in 2008, was positive, confirming 4605 working days for agricultural activity and 4535 working days for agri-tourism activity.

Free-range stock farming

The farm, the first in the Emilia-Romagna region, has set up a series of free-range farms in order to have its own organic beef, pork and sheep and goat meat, and uses local agricultural products, making the most of the typical features and the interconnection with other local farms.

The farm has about 120 head of swine (Mora Romagnola) and about 100 sheep. The animals are born on the farm and are weaned after about two months. They grow up in the wild, feeding only on organic feed, fodder and cereals produced on the farm, because growing up in complete freedom they develop in an optimal way. The Villaggio della Salute Più manages the growth of the animals while ICEA Emilia Romagna controls and guarantees all the production processes.

Sa.Na srl

PSR 2014/2020 – Misura 21, type of operation 21.1.01 “SUPPORT FOR FARMERS AFFECTED BY THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY”: the subsidy provides liquidity to companies in order to give continuity to the company’s related activities, preserving the economic and productive fabric of agritourism and educational farms damaged by the suspension of activities following the COVID-19 emergency.

Amount of support: € 2,000

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