Our restaurant and pizzeria directly connected to the Agritourism Spa

The Panoramic Restaurant is a restaurant and pizzeria connected to the spa by a glass-covered passageway.

It offers tasty and quick dishes that you can even enjoy whilst in your bathrobe, so you can head straight back to the spa!

A unique pizzeria set amongst the greenery of the Sillaro Valley

Only at the Village can you find our exclusive pizzas with thermal water-based dough.

The bicarbonate-sulfate-calcium thermal waters of the historic Terme Felsinee in Bologna is rich in 18 micronutrients: it is naturally alkaline and counteracts the acidification processes of the body. Its bicarbonate content makes these pizzas extremely digestible.

In our pizzas we use fior-di-latte which, unlike normal mozzarella, is not produced with buffalo milk but solely with Italian cow’s milk. The tomatoes and basil are organic; peppers, courgettes and aubergines all come from our certified organic vegetable gardens.

  • Village platter with a selection of traditional farmer’s cold cuts, and other specialities such as organic local cheeses from Val Sillaro, served with local tigelle and piadina breads.
  • Thermal pizza – an exclusive of the Village with the dough being made with bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium thermal water and ancient grains.
  • Light meals with assorted vegetables and warm specialities.

A mouthwatering treat… also for your eyes!

In 2019, the structure of the Panoramic Restaurant was renovated and embellished using artwork created by Dado (Alessandro Ferri), one of the most established writers with an important artistic career which began in 1985 and which took him to Paris for Tour 13, one of the most important exhibitions in recent years, as well as to the Venice Biennale and the Nanjiing Biennale.

The work in this room seeks to interpret the relationship between man and nature, representing the aromas and bright colours of the flowers that flood the hillsides in spring. In an abstract way the drawing depicts the symbolism of the Sun during the four seasons.

The aesthetic depiction is intended to create a concert of colour and form, capable of evoking a festive yet intimate atmosphere, personalising the place with a lively and unique appearance, in keeping with the unique and lively nature of the Villaggio della Salute Più.