A healthy climate for all ages

Villaggio della Salute Più is a magnificent amphitheatre formed of gently rolling hills in North-centre Italy, which create a climate that's rich in oxygen, ideal for regenerative breaks dedicated to health and wellbeing also thanks to the following characteristics:

  • it's been an organic farm estate since 1998 (one of the first and largest in the region incorporating 17 individual farms);
  • UNI-ISO 14001 environmental certification since 1999 for the “conservation of the environment and biodiversity for the promotion of wellbeing”;
  • European Union SIC environmental protection for biodiversity (IT4050011 SIC territory).

The documentation produced by the bioclimatology medical research centre of the state university of Milan is even more significant. The university has monitored the climate at the Village with an experimentation station that's been active since 2013. The centre operates under the supervision of FEMTEC (World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy) under the aegis of the WHO (World Health Organisation) and is represented by Professor Umberto Solimene who founded the European Association for the Study of Hill Environments together with the management of Villaggio della Salute Più.

The climate is certainly a healthy one – the hillside climate at Villaggio della Salute Più is in fact exceptionally health and pleasant for anyone who wishes to detox from smog and cement in an agreeably natural way! It is true ecotherapy, and in fact the Village, starting point of the Fitness Valley, has every right to claim the title of capital of ecotherapy.