One of the most relaxing areas in the entire water park – the perfect place to unwind.

Here you will find:

  • Saltwater lagoon
  • Tibetan pool
  • Biotonic pool
  • Kneipp hydro-massage pools
  • Salt baths


  • Relaxed
  • Detoxified
  • Toned


  • Health & Wellbeing lovers
  • Treatment addicts

Saltwater lagoon: detoxify your skin and maximise your tanning

The waters of this pool have twice the salinity of normal seawater. The lagoon allows you to sunbathe lying down with the rest of your body submerged in the water. Alternating between salt water and the sun has a detoxifying effect on the body and renders the skin more beautiful.

Tibetan pool: magnetised water that burns energy

It is so called because it contains magnetised water (which, according to US studies, is one of the main causes of longevity in some Tibetan populations). The magnetic fields activate the sodium-potassium pump in the cells which, by burning more energy, promotes weight loss.


Biotonic pool: the Grander method and the memory of water

This pool uses an instrument called “Grander” to revitalise the water. Its aim is to achieve the highest water quality with the minimum use of chemical additives. Bathers experience the vitalised water as particularly soft and velvety, adding to the pleasant feelings of relaxation.


Kneipp hydro-massage pools: improve circulation, metabolism and weight loss whilst you relax

Seven whirlpool baths alternating between hot and cold dynamised water. Alternating between 10 minutes in hot water and 3 minutes in cold water has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, increasing metabolic consumption aiding slimming.


Salt baths: to lose weight, purify the body and support tanning

Biophysical fitness stations where you can lie down and cover yourself with salt rich in minerals: magnesium to tone muscles and activate blood circulation, iodine to improve the waistline as well as copper to treat muscle spasms and rheumatic conditions.