Gothic Line

WW2 was here

Palazzo del Calanco, the Village's central building,which dates back to the 18th century, was a military command centre during World War II, used first by the Germans and then the Allies.

The “Ca' Nova” farmhouse was a military hospital and on the hillside of the “Ca' di Lucca” farmhouse a number of military trenches can still be seen.

A museum for peacetime

The local passage of the second World War is represented at the Gothic Line Museum, which is located in the structure adjacent to Palazzo del Calanco.

The museum's displays focus particularly on the life of the soldiers during wartime, with items of everyday use found on the land around the Villaggio.

Among the 100 itineraries that start from the Village there are as many as 4 (Flaminia Minor, Via degli Dei, Via del Sillaro and Via della Futa) dedicated to the Gothic Line for you to discover more about such a significant period.